Program options and modules

General program settings

The program can be configured and personalised through the [program configuration] sections. This allows to set and adjust all the general program configuration parameters which will be activated for the entire program.


All these general program as well as specific backup settings are stored "Windows user specific". Hence each Windows user will always and only access his or her own personalised program and backup settings.


General program configurations sections

Sections Description
[Licence] - Licence holder and key, licence check, terms & conditions and licence agreement.
[Display - 1] - Display settings such as column positions, line separator characters and numbering display, background colours, header text and background colours, etc.
[Display - 2] - Text size adjustment (88-135%) and definition of the program window start position and size.
[Tab] - Backup tab names and group selection limits for [header] groups.
[Sound] - Sound related functionality, such as sound activation, sound level and testing.
[General] - General settings such as log viewer, log file sequence, progress log view activation, welcome screen display, verbose message settings, hidden message windows and reactivation, etc.
[Backup] - Space limits warning and threshold levels, backup delay/timer, etc.
[Online] - Online messages, access and checks, etc.
[Copy module] - Copy module selection and checks, etc.
[Admin] - Run mode selection and admin password settings, etc.

Configuration import, export and starting a new configuration

TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) makes use of MS Windows multi-user-settings and stores configuration settings separately based on the signed in user. The number of users accessing the program needs to be covered by the number of licensed users.


Configuration files can be exported and saved allowing to move program and backup configurations to another PC or Windows account. Similarly a previous configuration can be imported into a new installation.


A new configuration can be started which will reset all settings to defaults.


A backup of the current configuration will be performed automatically on any import or reset of the configuration. All configuration backups are kept and reverting to any of the previous configurations can be performed at any time.


Backup and program logs

All program outputs and backup/restore events are written to core logs in the form of ‘YEARLY logs’, ‘MONTHLY logs’, ‘WEEKLY logs, ‘DAILY logs’ or ‘SESSION logs’. If ‘warning or error event were reordered during a backup or restore process, a special “EVENT log’ will be generated. In addition a yearly 'Runs history log' is being maintained automatically and a 'SysInfo log' after a SysInfo module run was performed. All log files are easily accessible through the main menu and specific view-logs-button and icon.


Help and notifications

Detailed help screens can be accessed directly through individual help and info buttons placed close to and adjacent to the relevant input sections in the backup and general configuration sections of the program. In addition help can be accessed through a structured help index and through context specific help by pressing the [F1] button.


A messages and notice system also exist providing update information or important notices from the development team.


SysInfo analysis

SysInfo analysis is a tool which allows to run a system check with the objective to gather some key operating system as well as program information. Results are written into a easily accessible log file (through log file section) for further analysis or support.


Core copying module - Robocopy

TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) utilises the Microsoft's Robust File Copy Utility seamlessly as the core copying module providing secure and robust copying and mirroring functionality. Robocopy is already bundled with the more recent versions of Microsoft Windows such as Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server versions. Thus no additional installation are normally required.