Main program screens - Running in ADMIN and in USER mode

Program in [Admin] mode - Configure backups and program.
Program in [User] mode - Normal operational mode for backups.

Backup in progress

Sections are being backed up - Showing logs and progress.
Backup finalized- Showing summary, logs as well as possible info, warning and error events.

Quick access to backup configuration and settings

Right-mouse-click on backup section to configure.
Click on backup configuration sprocket to configure (Admin).

Configure backup sections

Backup configuration section showing all backup/restore options
Backup configuration section 'run as' different Windows user
Backup configuration section if program started 'elevated' (with administrator privileges)

General program configuration sections

General configuration - Licence section
General configuration - General options
General configuration - General backup related settings

View log files and backup section info

Backup section info - Summary of settings, backup history, etc. – Target disk space is ok
Backup section info - Summary of settings, backup history, etc. – Target disk space is running LOW
Central log and event view section

Error handling

Backup progress - Info, warning or error events occurred
Event view for backup info, warnings and errors
Error - Detailed event help
Warning - Detailed event help

Help examples

Help – The use of backup headers to structure backup sections/profiles
Help - Available disk space warning and threshold levels
Help - Toolbar and toolbar icons
Help - Structured help index [F1]

Personalisation - Setting colour options

Select individual colours for background, header, text and status section.
Select predefined colours schemes.