How to - Configure a normal backup section

Overview - How to configure a normal backup section

File location and structure - Directories

As all working files are somehow stored and grouped in directories, TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) operates on the directory level covering and backing up all your files found in that directory as well as all the subdirectories and their files from that entry level onwards.


The backup process - Only modified files are copied

How to set up a backup profile or section in order to start regular backups of your working and personal files.


What to backup up - Working files

TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) is especially designed to backup your working files and data, namely all those files which contain your personal or professional work, communications, images or personal collection such as music, videos etc. These are the files generated and accumulated over years which cannot be restored easily after a system crash or virus attack unless a backup exist. Systems can be restored, programs reinstalled but personal and work files may be lost for ever or in the best case need to be regenerated through a time-consuming process - and they never are going to be the same as the original.


The two main backup types - [NORMAL] and [MIRROR]

Following are some basic steps on how to get started configuring a [NORMAL] backup section e.g. to backup folders and files from an local hard disk to an external USB disk. TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) distinguishes between two main backup types namely [NORMAL] and [MIRROR] which can be configured for each backup section. While the configuration process is the same for both types the results may be very different! It is important that the difference is being understood especially when the type [MIRROR] is being applied! Please consult the program help for further details.


[NORMAL] is the most common and safest option recommended for most backup scenarios! It copies (backs up) all new and differing (!) e.g. modified files and directories from [source] the working directory to [target] the backup directory.


Configuration - Normal backup section - Step-by-step

Main program window:

1. Step: Switch to [Admin] or [NoMode] - (from the main screen)

  • Change into [Admin] or [NoMode] to make the configuration icons visible and then click on the red [sprocket] configuration icon beside the designated backup section.
  • Alternatively you may use a [right mouse click] on the backup section or select the envisaged section in the [Tools] menu.


Backup configuration section:

2. Step: Toggle section into a [backup section]

In the configuration section continue and:

  • Remove the tick from the checkbox [Header: Make it a header line], if ticked.


3. Step: Enter the [Backup name]

  • Enter a description into the [Backup name] best describing the content of the [source] directory - this is what will be displayed in the main window.


4. Step: Select [Run as user]

  • Leave 'Run as user' at 'CURRENT' (default).


5. Step: Select the [Backup source]

  • Select the [Backup source] through the folder icon and navigate to your [source] directory containing your files to be backed up. Only the directory needs to be selected! Then press OK.


6. Step: Select the [Backup target]

  • Select the [Backup target] through the folder icon and navigate to the backup [target] area e.g. on the USB drive - make sure it is connected. If an appropriate [target directory] does not yet exist create one through [Make a new folder] button. Then press OK.


7. Step: Select the [Backup type]

  • Select the [Backup type] [NORMAL] to backup new and modified files and directories


8. Step: [Activate] section

  • Click on [ACTIVATE] in order to activate the new backup section.


9. Step: Ignore or deselect [PRE-SELECT] and [COMBO]

  • Ignore the checkbox [PRE-SELECT] and [COMBO BACKUP] options and remove the ticks if the checkboxes where ticked.


10. Step: [Save & Exit] configuration

  • Click [OK-Save] to save and exit the configuration window.
  • READY to go !