Installation and program details

Download and installation overview

The installation can be performed quickly and easily and only a minimum interaction is required from the user. The download from this publisher's side will provide you with a fully functional and secure version of the program which can be tested obligation free and without any restrictions for a period of 30 days. Licence key and details may be entered at any time even after the evaluation period has expired. No new installation would be required. The program can be removed again by using the Uninstall program.


Download and installation process

  • View a screen show for a typical installation process, from download till the launch, or continue reading below.
  • Download the installation file from this publisher's site and save it into a temporary directory on your hard disk or run it directly on download.
  • [Double click] on the installation file to start the installation program. This will lead you through all the necessary steps requiring only minimum input form your side.
  • Use default values as suggested by the program if unsure about the options.
  • Read and agree to the licence terms and conditions.
  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) will install itself and also create an uninstall option allowing for a removal of the all program components at any time.
  • Several menu entries in the Windows Start Menu will also be created providing direct links in order to start TMS Backup (Pro) and some utilities.
  • The installation program will give you the option to directly start the program.


Starting TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) for the first time

  • The program is being distributed with an evaluation licence and hence it can be used right away out-of-the-box. NO registration is required.
  • If not started by the installation program, start your TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) through your Windows Start Menu under the start folder [TMS Stein's Backup (Pro)].
  • The evaluation licence is automatically activated during the first program installation and allows for unrestricted use and testing for a fixed period of time.
  • If the evaluation licence has expired the program will switch into [demo mode].
  • A licence key can be entered or changed at any time also at a later stage and no new installation will be required.
  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) is multi-Windows-user enabled so that every logged in 'Windows user' will have to set up his or her own backup and program profile and enter the personalised licence information. A single licence may cover several users and installations (see details on licence). The program only needs to be installed once on every computer.


Program activation (licence key and name)

  • An evaluation licence is automatically activated during first installation. The evaluation licence allows for unrestricted testing of the program for a fixed period of time. No initial registration is required for testing!
  • A valid licence key and name will be required in order to activate your copy of the program beyond the evaluation period.
  • Request a licence key if you haven't got one yet.
  • To enter the licence details, select [Tools] [Licence settings] and enter licence key and name EXACTLY as provided!
  • Click [Check / Validate Licence] button in order to perform the online licence check on the program's licence server.
  • Stein's Backup (Pro) will switch to [demo mode] once any of the licences has expired or an invalid licence was detected.


Administrative modes and user mode

  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) comes with a password protected administration layer. This allows to run the program either in [Admin/User]-mode or in [No Mode]-mode.
  • The [Admin]-mode (or alternatively [No Mode]) is required in order to configure the backup and program options. The [User]-mode is used for normal e.g. backup operations.
  • When run for the first time the program will require an admin password to be created before the first shut down. It can be created under [Tools] [Admin and Run mode settings] at any time or it will request to create one on program shut down.
  • If this step is being skipped TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) will start up in [NoMode]. The [NoMode] mode however, does not distinguish between [Admin] and [User], and access to the configuration section is not secured by a password.
  • Run modes can be changed into one of the three run mode states at any time by clicking one of the run-mode-change buttons.


System requirements

  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) is designed to run under any XP, Vista, 7 (32/64 bit) and later Windows operating systems such as 8, 8.1, 10 as well as their respective server versions. It utilises Microsoft's RoboCopy module which is already bundled with the more recent versions of Microsoft Windows such as Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, 10 and server versions.
  • For other Windows versions e.g. XP, a manual installation of RoboCopy may be required (see also section on RoboCopy below).
  • As from version Windows 2000 is not supported anymore.
  • The recommended minimum screen resolutions are: Width: 900 pixel; Height: 770 pixel. The main program window is fully resizable and a zoom factor between 88-135% may be applied to texts and controls
  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) was tested under the following operating systems:
    • Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)
    • Windows 7 SP1 (32/64 bit)
    • Windows 2000 SP4 (ONLY until TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) version
  • Any constructive and detailed feedbacks on performance under the above or other systems would be appreciated.




  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) requires a copy of Microsoft's RoboCopy file on the system. Robocopy is already part of the newer Windows operating systems such as Vista and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and the server versions.
  • For older systems (mainly XP) Robocopy may be downloaded and installed for free. For license reasons it cannot be packaged with TMS Stein's Backup (Pro).
  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) will always first probe for a copy of RoboCopy on start up and will notify you with detailed information if not found.
  • Improved and extended RoboCopy probing and module information as well as menu driven alternative RoboCopy version and copy use configuration has been implemented.


Manual Installation of RoboCopy (XP only)

  • TMS Stein's Backup will always first probe system directories and if a copy of the file [robocopy.exe] is found it will use this copy. Otherwise it will use the first copy found on your system in a directory specified by the PATH variable.
  • Robocopy is also part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools which may be downloaded from:
  • Unpack the package and install it or alternatively place a Robocopy executable into a directory of your choosing. Then use the [Copy module] configuration section to select the alternative copy.


Automatic version checks and assisted installation

  • TMS Stein's Backup (Pro) automatically checks for new releases on startup and will notify the user. Downloads can then be performed and installation started from within the program only requiring a minimum input from the user.


NO adware or other malicious code

  • The official installation file and software does not contain and will not install any adware, viruses or other malicious code.
  • Please use the official download file from the publisher's site to download the installation file. All program and the installation files are digitally signed by the program author.
  • MD5 Hash and SHA-256 Hash of the installation are provided allowing to check the integrity of the file.